Our mission is to educate children through play. We will teach children based on the Creative Curriculum Teaching Strategies. We will create lesson plans that include research- based material and includes the child’s and family’s interest. We will teach children useful things that they can carry into their future. We will work closely with families to make the best learning experience for their child.


Our goal is to educate and prepare children for a higher education. We have professional staff who are trained in the area of education and child development. We will teach children about diversity, health and how to be physically active. We will work as a team to create the best future for your child.


Our philosophy at EELC is to provide an environment where child understand that
it is okay to be ifferent.
It is okay to not understand things and to feel confident that we are here to guide them for the future. We will provide love, safety, health, nutrition, guidance
and more.

Our Core Values


To treat each child/family equally and to be unbiased. To serve a diverse community and include duo language speaking people, disabled, low-income families and more.

Safety and Health

To protect children and their families. To make sure they are practicing healthy habits, including healthy eating and daily exercise.


To provide children and their families with resources that can help them become successful in the future.


To make everyone we serve feel welcomed and understand that we are all in this to build up the children of the future.


To work with children who are non-verbal, disabled, etc. and willing to make accommodations as needed.